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At Simple Tax Solutions, we specialize in providing bookkeeping, tax preparation, and tax resolution services to taxpayers who are out of sync with their tax obligations. We take pride in our ability to understand any tax situation and successfully navigate it through the IRS’s complex collections system. Our mission is to use our expertise and knowledge to deliver a custom, quality solution to your tax problem.

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London Gray CEO

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London Gray

As the president and primary representative of Simple Tax Solutions, I take great pride in working in the tax industry. Although I confess if you told me in college I would wind up an Enrolled Agent doing taxes, I would have told you "You are absolutely crazy." Nowadays, I could not be more proud of my EA license. I have truly found a passion in bookkeeping, preparing tax returns, and representing taxpayers.

After stumbling into the tax resolution industry, I quickly realized that quality representation was a desperately needed service. Too many firms and individual representatives take advantage of the fear and uncertainty that taxpayers experience when out of compliance with the IRS. I saw a market for an organization that offers exceptional customer service with transparency, one that taxpayers could truly trust to have their best interests in mind during what is often one of the most distressing situations they will ever experience. So, with years of experience and schooling, I set out to create a unique organization that would offer people a truly life-changing experience. It was with that mindset that Simple Tax Solutions was formed, and we strive to keep those core values present in everything we do.

When I’m not helping clients tackle their tax problems, I like to spend time with family and friends, practice yoga, or curl up with a good book, although my obsession with Marvel movies has come to rival even my favorite novels. And there is nothing better than a quality power nap.


At Simple Tax Solutions, we believe in using our expertise and knowledge to provide custom, quality solutions to complex tax problems.


Simple Tax Solutions is dedicated to providing small business owners and self-employed individuals the building blocks for financial success through tax compliance and financial management.


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We want to make every step in this process clear to you.

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We believe each experience is unique and should be customized to your specific needs.

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We have an obligation as tax professionals to help you succeed against a complex and confusing system.

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We know tax debt happens for all kinds of reasons.

We are here to help.

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We are deeply committed to continuous learning to ensure the highest level of service for you.


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