Revenue Officer

A Revenue Officer is the assignment of an individual agent to your account to facilitate maximum collection. It is one of the IRS’s most aggressive forms of collection action.

This is where dealing with the IRS gets intimidating. A revenue officer or field agent has license to show up at your home or place of business without any notice. They can demand any financial documentation they deem relevant to your case, even subpoenaing documents if you fail to provide them. Revenue officers will set strict deadlines, usually of 30 days, to comply with their requests. After that, they are free to issue any kind of levy they deem necessary. This includes wages, accounts receivable, and bank and investment accounts. For small business owners this can be devastating not only for the financial hit, but also for the damage to their credibility with their clients and customers.

Unfortunately, many individuals wait to contact a representative until they’ve already tried working with the revenue officer on their own. More often than not this puts them at a disadvantage in negotiations which is why it’s better to enlist help sooner than later.

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However, it is never too late to hire a representative. And if there is ever a situation where a representative will benefit you, it’s in a case with a revenue officer.

For the most part the assignment of a revenue officer is just the luck of the draw, but there are situations in which you could have no choice but to work with one. Small business owners with employment tax issues are typically required to work with a revenue officer to resolve their accounts. Individuals with balances above $250,000 are also required to work with revenue officers. This can be a real obstacle since it can take months to get a revenue officer assigned. Meanwhile, your balances continue to accrue penalties and interest. This is where Simple Tax Solutions can really make a difference. We can help walk you through the assignment process and prepare you for negotiations with the revenue officer. This allows us to resolve your case as quickly as possible once assigned to an agent.

Revenue officers can be difficult to work with, but they aren’t impossible. Schedule your free consultation today to find out how we can help you make the best of this difficult situation.

Maximum Enforcement

Revenue Officer

Can be a Lengthy Process, Especially if you Have to Wait for an Officer to be Assigned

Typically Requires a Financial Statement

Typically Federal Tax Liens are Filed

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